Quarterly Monitor

The Quarterly Monitor is a bulletin of economic trends and policies in Serbia, published since 2005 by the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade and its Foundation for the Advancement of Economics (FREN).

The mission of the Quarterly Monitor is to raise the level of economic analysis in Serbia, to develop the capacity for applied economic research, and to provide independent, methodologically based, analysis of economic trends and policies.

The editorial staff of the Quarterly Monitor is composed of professors, assistants and associates of the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, and for the needs of specific issues analysis, the Quarterly Monitor also engages authors from renowned domestic and foreign academic institutions. Since 2011, the editor-in-chief of the Quarterly Monitor has been Prof. Milojko Arsić, PhD, and before him by Kori Udovički, PhD, Prof. Pavle Petrovic, PhD, and Diana Dragutinovic, PhD. The Executive Editor of the Quarterly Monitor is Sasa Randjelovic, PhD.

Contact for subscription: randjelovic@ekof.bg.ac.rs
Contact phone: +381 11 3021 069