About FREN

Foundation for the Advancement of Economics was founded in 2005 by the Belgrade University’s Faculty of Economics with the overall goal to promote national and regional policy relevant research based on accurate data and sound methodology. FREN conducts independent evidence-based policy analysis in order to inform public and policymakers about the available policy options and their ramifications. Thanks to the quality and relevance of its research, FREN has established itself as one of the leading think – tanks in Serbia and the Western Balkans region. FREN’s goals are: promotion of research in the area of economic and social policy in Serbia and the region, providing access to high-quality statistical and analytical data for decision makers, as well as the expansion of the modern way of thinking about the economy and social policy in professional circles and the general public. FREN’s team consists of more than 40 researchers and experts.

For more on FREN’s activities, see sections Projects, Monographs, Quarterly Monitor, and Working Papers.