Expert Expert Network for Green Economy

The Expert Network for the Green Economy brings together recognized experts
in the field of the green economy under the auspices of the Foundation for
the Advancement of Economics. Network members represent experts from various
segments of ecology, economics, biochemistry, and other segments within the
green economy.
Network Leader

Đorđe Mitrović

Đorđe Mitrović, graduated in 1999, from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics. Employed at the Faculty of Economics University of Belgrade since 2000. Appointed Assistant Professor in 2011, Associate Professor 2016, Full Professor 2021. Main fields of interest and research: macroeconomics, environmental economics, digital economy, circular economy. Courses taught at the undergraduate level: Principles of Economics, Economics of Transition and Introduction to Cost-benefit analysis, and on the graduate level: Public projects evaluation and Digital and circular economy.

He is an expert on financial and economic analysis regarding public policies and environmental issues. With more than 16 years of professional experience with regards to cost-benefit analysis in water, wastewater, solid and hazardous waste, transport sector and hydropower plants building (in accordance with EU requirements) he took a part in the preparation of more than 25 infrastructure feasibility studies. Financial and economic analysis concerning pollution permits (IPPC, DISP, IED), energy efficiency, cleaner production, circular economy and the development of strategic environmental documents on the national level is also part of his activities.


Ilija Batas Bjelić

EDUCATION Doctorate: 2016. University of Belgrade – Faculty of
Electrical Engineering
Topic: Coupled method for optimal planning of sustainable energy systems
based on simulations

Dr. Ilija Batas Bjelic’s scientific research activities are oriented
towards energy planning, smart energy networks and systems based on
computer technology, automation and electrical engineering. In
particular, he deals with the optimization of sustainable energy systems
with significant utilization of solar energy based on hourly
chronological simulations.

Milena G. Rikalović

Dr. Milena G. Rikalović has been an assistant professor at the study program Environment and Sustainable Development of Singidunum University, and also she has the title of Research Associate in the field of natural sciences – chemistry. She got PhD in biochemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry in Belgrade in 2013 in the field of microbiological chemistry and biotechnology, as a grant student of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the RS (MESTD RS), as part of two national scientific projects: Simultaneous bioremediation and soilification of degraded areas, for the preservation of biologically active natural resources of substances and the development and production of biomaterials and dietary products and Production mobile bioreactor and obtaining the biomass of microorganisms for bioremediation. The scientific research expertise is fundamental and applied microbiology, biotechnology, ecotoxicology, environmental factors and health. Dr Rikalović is a reviewer for several international scientific journals, a qualified project reviewer for relevant institutions in the country and abroad, and a reviewer for the National Accreditation Body of the RS. At the moment, she published, as author or coauthor, 12 SCI papers, four chapters in international monographs, one technical solution and over 20 papers at conferences in the country and abroad. In addition to scientific and educational work, she also worked in the agricultural industry in the field of applied microbiology (biopreparations for plant development and treatment of phytopathogens, optimization and up-scale  fermentation using SCADA program, testing of biological activity of active component ), when she was also the project manager of the innovation project Microbial Formulation for starch and sugar industry waste water treatment supported by MESTD RS.

Sonja Josipović

Sonja Josipović was born on June 19, 1984 in Belgrade, Serbia. She received her BSc, MSc and Doctoral Degree in Economics from the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics, Serbia. Since 2021, she has been employed at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Department of Social Sciences. From 2010 to 2021, she was employed at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering. She has taught the following courses: Fundamentals of Sociology and Economics, Japanese Economy, Business Management, Engineering Economics, Industrial Management, Techno-economic Analysis of Projects, Evaluation of Projects in the Field of Information Technologies, Entrepreneurship and Organizational Cultures, Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development, Economy and Environment.

She is also a lecturer at various training courses, such as the Training for energy managers, the Training Business model design and the course “Tools for financial and economic analysis of projects”. Her main research areas include sustainable development, bioeconomy, rural development, entrepreneurship, human capital, creativity and innovations, as well as methodology for technoeconomic analysis of development projects. She is a member of the Belgrade Association of Economists and the Network for green and digital economy.