Labour Markets in the Western Balkans – Policy Ideas and Research Directions

Within the project "Strengthening the Labour Market Research Network – Toward the Understanding of the Political Economy of Unemployment in the Western Balkans", on November 24th 2016 the third workshop of the Network of researchers of the labour market in the Western Balkans, was held. The project is funded by the Swiss Government through the RRPP - Regional Research Promotion Programme.

At the workshop the key results of the study and recommendations for policy makers in the field of labor market were presented, as well as four papers related to: Migration and remittances; informal employment; the difference in salaries between the public and the private sectors; and demand for labor in the private sector.

The workshop was attended by members of the Network and its Academic Board, representatives of the European Commission, the RCC (Regional Cooperation Council), UNDP, the Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Issues, Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit, representatives of the media and civil society, and interested researchers from the University of Belgrade and the wider scientific community.