Labor market and migration across the Eurasian continent

Jelena Žarković Rakić, Director of FREN i Mihail Arandarenko, Chairman of the Board of FREN, were invited to participate at the „Labor market and migration across the Eurasian continent“ workshop organized by International Institute for Applied System Analysis – IIASA from Vienna.

High level plenary session included speaker such as Jeffrey Sachs (Director, The Earth Institute), and Václav Klaus (former President of the Czech Republic). Jeffrey Sachs is IIASA Distinguished Visiting Fellow.

This conference discussed and analysed possible scenarios of cross-border migration (both labor migration and refugee flows) and changing structure of the labor force and their economic, and social implications for the labor markets and economic growth of source and host countries/regions in the EU, EAEU and countries of the joint neighbourhood. It also considered such practical aspects as prospects of introducing visa-free regime between the EU and EAEU, enhancing mobility of pensions, fostering educational and academic exchange, and mutual recognition of diplomas.