Policy Impact Analysis – From Inactivity to Employment

FREN was hired by the Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction of the Government of the Republic of Serbia on a project that deals with the inactivity in Serbia. The project will provide information on the structure and characteristics of the inactive population in Serbia, with a special emphasis on population groups in which there is a large number of inactive. The analysis will indicate the number of inactive population representing a reserve labor force, the number of those who are due to inactivity in risk of social exclusion, the number of those with high probability of permanent inactivity and  possible reasons for inactivity of the population of these groups. In addition to the analysis of current policies and strategies, the project will provide recommendations and ex-ante impact analysis of activation strategies of different groups of the inactive population, depending on their characteristics and reasons for inactivity, as well as possible policy measures and instruments that can have a significant impact on reducing inactivity and increase employment.