Gender Impact Analysis of Existing Support Measures for Entrepreneurship in Serbia

FREN was contracted by UN Women to conduct the project “Gender impact analysis of existing support measures for entrepreneurship in Serbia”. The main aim of the project was to analyze up to 5 existing government programs for entrepreneurship support from the perspective of gender equality.

FREN's team first performed a desk review which served to selecting the government support measures to be analyzed. Then, an appropriate methodology to conduct the assessment was developed which uses both quantitative and qualitative tools to study the gender specific impact of the selected government support measures for entrepreneurs. An analysis of available administrative data on program participants and collection of qualitative information from focus groups in accordance with the developed methodology followed. The next step of the research was linking the findings from analysis with international and regional best practices in the promotion of female entrepreneurship. Finally, FREN produced and promoted the reports assessing individual measures and offering recommendations for their improvement.

The following government support programs will be assessed: Program for the Distribution and Use of Funds for start-up loans (implemented by Ministry of Economy and Regional Development); Project of encouraging enterprises to invest in strengthening innovation (implemented by Ministry of Economy and Regional Development), Program for Increasing Competitiveness and Internationalization of the Serbian Economy (implemented by Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency - SIEPA), Program of support for development of SME competitiveness (implemented by National Agency for Regional Development); Subsidies for self-employment and creation of new jobs (National Employment Service).